February 2018 Meeting Minutes


Monday, Febuary 5, 2018 AT 7:00PM Forest Bluff Sport Court
14901 Truman Oak Cv, Austin TX 78724


Called to Order at 7:10pm

1) Roll Call – Directors present were Laura Haney, Jessi Adkins and Manessa Grady. Director Iman Jordan was absent.

2) Reading and Disposal of Unapproved Minutes – The minutes from the January 8, 2018 meeting were approved as written by a motion made by Director Haney and seconded by Director Grady.

3) Reports from Officers – No reports

4) Reports from RealManage – Financial Reports – The Treasurer briefly went over the financial reports.

5) Unfinished Business:

a. Print out about the roads that will be worked on in the future. Dates to come.

b. We are moving forward with Repairs.

c. Update on board emails. We need to take the time to set up the emails. Set up out of office to new emails.

d. Domain info for the internet was given to Director Jordan.

e. Construction on 969 – not too much info yet.

f. Spectrum told him they already did a sight survey and they were not able to do this since a trench needed to be dug to bury the line.

6) New Business:

a. Concerns about how long it will take to get the basketball court up and running. When should we get key cards?

b. Mr. Phillips is willing to come and help with the kids for a few hours each weekend.

c. We need to get the lock fixed for the shed so we can store the balls and stuff.

7) Executive Session:

a. Collection Accounts – none sent

b. Deed Restriction Violations – None to discuss

c. Other Confidential Matters – No other matters

8) Adjournment at 8:00p.m

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